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Janice Shares The Christmas Diet (VIDEO)

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Janice Shares The Christmas Diet (VIDEO)
Janice Shares The Christmas Diet (VIDEO)
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Janice Taylor, "Our Lady of Weight Loss," shares her Christmas diet.

I receive hundreds of emails from my readers and clients saying, “The holidays are coming. I am freaking out. What should we do?” and I said, “You know what, let’s change the way we think about this. The agreed upon reality is that we’re going to gain six or seven pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.” That’s what you agreed upon, reality. It’s not real. It’s just what everybody thinks is going to happen, did you know what I mean?

So I say we don’t have to take that road. We can create a new road. We don’t have to go with what everybody says is going to happen. So I said, "Let’s do the Christmas diet." I said, “Have whatever you want on Thanksgiving; the day after you’re on the Christmas diet,” and the Christmas diet is basically every day I send out an email. It’s something important to read that will change your thinking and then an exercise to do that changes your thinking, and every day you hear from me. So that’s what the Christmas diet is; it is an e-coaching program really.

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