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EmpowHer: “If the average woman has a calcium intake below what is recommended and all I am seeing are young girls drinking sodas and not milk, at what age should young women start ...

Dr. Robert Heaney Explains Calcium Intake, Soda Drinking & Vitamin D

Listen to Michelle King Robson explain why she contemplated ending her life and why her disinterested doctor’s made the experience so much more discouraging. Click the play button to ...

Menopause related image AUDIO HERSTORY: Michelle King Robson: My Quality of Life Was So Poor, I Thought About Suicide Options

Have you wondered if dairy is important to your over all health? Listen to Dr. Robert Heaney explain why women need to focus on their dairy intake as a prevention to the onset of ...

AUDIO: Dr. Robert Heaney: Women Need A Diet Rich In Dairy To Protect Against Osteoporosis

Internationally recognized in the field of bone, biology, and calcium nutrition, Dr. Robert Heaney from Creighton University Osteoporosis Research Center checks in to explain, "If you do ...

AUDIO: Dr. Robert Heaney: A Diet Rich in Protein Is Vital To A Woman’s Bone Health

How did Carol Blocker discover her daughter's mood was not normal? Find out when you listen to this portion of the interview with Melanie Stokes' mom. Click the play button to hear the ...

AUDIO HERSTORY: Carol Blocker On When Things Changed For Her Daughter Melanie Stokes

The mother of Melanie Stokes, Carol Blocker, shared with EmpowHer all the different ways her daughter kept planning her own suicide. Click the play button to hear the audio.

AUDIO HERSTORY: Carol Blocker: My Daughter Plotted Her Suicide By Gun, Knife, Train, Drowning & Jumping

When Melanie Blocker Stokes became pregnant, she seemed to have everything in place. She was a successful pharmaceutical sales manager happily married to a physician. But on February ...

AUDIO HERSTORY: Carol Blocker, Mom of Melanie Stokes Recommends A Book & Explains Melanie’s Bill


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