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Daily Intent: How Can I Incorporate This? - Mallika Chopra

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Mallika Chopra, founder of Intent.com, explains how anyone can develop a daily intent to help keep themselves in perspective.

Mallika Chopra:
To start a journey on your own of planting your own guardian of intentions is really simple. You can do this either on my website intent.com or you can just do it at home on a piece of paper, and start with one intent a day and just write it in a sentence.

It can be really short, really simple, in fact part of the exercise is encapsulating it in one sentence and just make it part of your daily routine. Think about what your intent is today. It may be as simple as just getting through a stressful day.

I once found that one of the most powerful intents I had was in a day where I had a lot of turmoil going on and my intent was to come back to that place of peace and groundedness, and what I found is that throughout the day as I would start to wear away from that I’d remember, “Oh you know what, I wrote that intent this morning,” and I’d come back to that. So I find that very powerful exercise. It’s just writing that simple intent every day and then releasing it, release it out to the universe.

So what we do on our site is people write, type their intent, hit ‘click’; it goes out there and then what the Internet allows is that ability to share, to get support, to get comments.

I remember once I posted the intent, my intent is to be a good mother, and I got so much support but then I also got advise from another mother which said, “You know, to be a good mother put your cell phone off from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. and be present with your children,” and out of all the incredible self-help expert advice I could get through books or articles, that one little comment actually has had the most profound effect I think – practical effect in our household which is to just put off all the devices for those few hours and be present with my children.

So as an exercise I suggest stating your intent and then sharing it and then letting it go and believe that just as we plant a seed it will grow into a beautiful flower and we’ll realize our dreams.

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