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Deepak Chopra: What Is It Like As His Daughter? - Mallika Chopra

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Mallika Chopra recalls how she feels being the daughter of a well known self-help guru, Deepak Chopra.

Mallika Chopra:
I honestly feel very honored to be the daughter of a well-known person like Deepak Chopra. My parents are very grounded. We have a very close family. I have a younger brother who is my best friend and really, I give credit again to my mother who was the rock and the foundation, not just for our nuclear family, but our extended family as well as the community that’s come around my father.

So I think it’s been the feminine strength and energy of my mother who has really kept all of us together and all of us very close. That said, my father is a very fun, easy-going, light-hearted person who jokes around all the time and so my brother and I actually have fun.

We all do things together. We’ve always taken vacations together and while there is expectations put on us by others because of him, I think both of my parents have really empowered me and my brother to find our own voice and do what we want to do.

So neither of us became doctors; neither of us went down the path that people expected us to go down, rather my parents supported us in our passions and really recognized that each of us had our own gift and our own voice. And so, I think having that strength and support from them actually gave us kind of the opening to find our own path and our own voice.

It is interesting that as my career has evolved I started in media really actually with MTV and really traditional media and have evolved now to my current site, Intent, which is more focused on wellness and empowerment and self-help. So I have kind of evolved in that place, but that’s happened over time and it’s really happened with the support and not the pressure of my parents.

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EmpowHER Guest

Aura reveals that Mallika expressed her views on her father and self is under pressure.
Nothing can grow under a BARGAD tree.
Nehru's influence was such in his time.

Deepak can very well influence the socalled intellecturals.
As a doctor who deals in subject spirituality, he writes nicely.
but he knows spirituality, it is difficult to believe.

Being so much involved in collecting appreciations, where is time for him to go more deeply to understand the subject.

See his face, if one can sense the aura, find out the aura which was magnificent 2 feet five yeara back has come down to 6 inches.

He can regain his aura provided he stops writing for socalled intellectual spiritualists.


April 21, 2011 - 6:13pm
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