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Meditation: How Is It Performed? - Mallika Chopra

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Mallika Chopra describes different forms of meditation and shares how a woman can meditate right in her own home.

Mallika Chopra:
So meditation comes in many different forms. You know, many people have prayed throughout their life. Others actually find peace through running or through yoga. Meditation, when you do a mantra-based meditation where you sit quietly, close your eyes, and either repeat a word or focus on your breath, is really a way to silence your mind. So it’s focusing on the gap between your thoughts and extending that gap so that we start feeling more silence.

The chatter of our mind continues and our mind will wander back to that chatter and that’s fine. It’s a way of releasing stress from our minds and our bodies, but the key with meditation is just to come back to the breath or that sacred word that you are using and just settle the mind, and what you find is that with meditation you get deep rest, you get that silence that I keep talking about, and ultimately that brings you just a stronger sense of yourself, of peace and quietness, and actually much more energy as well.

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