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Messages From The Universe: Why Is It Important To Listen? - Mallika Chopra

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Mallika Chopra, the founder of Intent.com, describes why it is essential to listen to the messages the universe sends us.

Mallika Chopra:
I grew up being taught to really listen to the messages that the universe has been telling me and to take meaning from coincidences, to cherish meetings in the purpose that we have when we meet someone and so it’s just been the way that I was taught and I find that especially in times when I am maybe stressed, I need to be quiet and to really listen to what the universe is telling me, and sometimes it maybe a whisper and sometimes it really may be screaming at me to do something, to make a change.

It maybe something I am fearful about doing but I find that I just sometimes need to be pushed and am being told from many sources, it may be a comment by someone I meet in a store, it maybe just a sign I see while driving down the street, but to really take those messages and to understand what’s happening inside of me, and sometimes we need to kind of be open to that to make some of the more difficult choices and decisions we are making in our life, and what I find is that when I actually do do that, things find their sense of balance and peace in a much more happy and efficient way.

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