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Social Media: Why Is This A Powerful Tool? - Mallika Chopra

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Mallika Chopra, founder of Intent.com, explains why online women's communities are valuable and why social media has become a powerful tool.

Mallika Chopra:
I am such a huge fan of social media and the power that social media has to transform the world, and that’s basically one of the reasons I started Intent and one of the reasons I have got involved in the Pepsi Refresh Project is that I think today we have technologies that connect us to people all over the world. They connect us to people who have similar passions, similar intentions, similar goals, and it’s a tool to empower us.

So one of the things we have seen on Intent is that someone can have an intent, like myself, to be a good mother and suddenly I am connected to a mother in Mongolia, someone in New Delhi, India, another person in South America and we all share the similar intentions to take care and nurture our children and to give them a good life and suddenly we can create a community around that.

I think sites like EmpowHER, which do that for women, are very powerful. One of the things I have been astonished to see with the Pepsi Refresh grant is how communities have come around projects which are devoted to mental health issues, to breast cancer awareness, to a whole variety of things, but again, it’s people wanting to help each other and then using media and social media and all the wonderful tools that we have out there to really send bigger messages.

So coming from a background where I believe in consciousness and the power of consciousness, I think the Internet and technology today helps us really take that positive intentions and positive energy and kind of, you know, make it more powerful by connecting more and more people.

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