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Parenting: What Can Women Learn From You? - Mallika Chopra

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Mallika Chopra shares some of the insight women can discover from reading her parenting book, "100 Promises to My Baby."

Mallika Chopra:
So when I became a mother one of the things that I really thought about was, “How was I going to influence my children, their beliefs, their values,” and I started to look at how I grew up and the influences in my life.

Both my parents really focused on leading my brother and I by example, not just words, teaching us about spirituality and giving us a sense of purpose and peace in our life.

So my first book, “100 Promises to My Baby,” is really focused on making covenants or promises, creating sacred rituals with my children about how we are going to grow together; me as a mother and they as children. So the book is really broken up into 100 one-sentence promises and then with each of them I talk about stories or influences, hopes, desires, even fears that I have as I was becoming a mother and beginning that journey.

My book started out as a pregnancy journal and as I started writing it I actually talked to my father and one of the things, my father being Deepak Chopra, and one of the things that my father had taught both my brother and I growing up was to be very conscious about our intentions, and as he started looking at the stories that I was sharing in this journal that became my book he made the suggestion to encapsulate the idea into a promise.

So similar like now I am focused on intents, my first book was based on taking an idea or concept and encapsulating it in a one-sentence promise and that in and of itself was a very sacred process for me because it took all of the hopes and dreams and desires that I had in my life and really crystallized it into a very precious and sacred gift that I was giving to myself and to my daughters.

So one of the things I have done in the book is to ask people to write their promises to their children and really think about what are those sacred covenants they want to make that really is about the journey together that we take through parenthood and growing up together.

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