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Women: How Can They Develop The Lives They Want? - Mallika Chopra

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Mallika Chopra, founder of Intent.com, shares how women can develop the lives they desire and live everyday with intent.

Mallika Chopra:
When I was young there was a short saying that my father taught my brother and I and we would say this every day. It went, I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience and set the goals I will achieve and everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for and I receive as I have asked, and then every day he would ask my brother and I to list what we ask for. And we would list things like, “I asked for a doll. I asked for a new computer game,” etc., and then my dad would kind of say, “Great, but how about asking for love, compassion, connection, peace,” and so then we’d go through this exercise and it actually became our daily exercise to repeat that poem.

So that really was the foundation by which I grew up and basically, it led me to believe very strongly in the power that we have to manifest our reality. So what I am doing with Intent.com now is really an extension of what I have done with my books, with “100 Promises to My Baby” and otherwise, which is really stating what it is I want to achieve in my life, and I think whether we are beginning on a journey of parenting, in starting a new company, just trying to get through our daily life, that process of being very clear and articulate about what our intent is and it may be on a daily basis; it may be a life basis; it may be a weekly basis but by stating the intent we start to plant the seed for that beautiful flower that’s going to blossom and the reality of what we are going to see.

So that’s really been the inspiration for what I have done I’d say for the last ten years now, but really the foundation that my parents taught me growing up, which is the power that we have to state our intentions and then create and manifest our own reality.

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