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Meditation: Why Is This A Good Tool? - Mallika Chopra

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Mallika Chopra, founder of Intent.com and a Pepsi Refresh Health Ambassador, explains why meditation is an important tool in our daily lives.

Mallika Chopra:
Hi. I’m Mallika Chopra. I am the founder of Intent.com and I am the health ambassador for the Pepsi Refresh Project. I am also the author of two books; “100 Promises to My Baby” and “100 Questions From My Child.”

So I started meditating when I was 9 years old. My father taught me meditation at a very young age and I was very blessed to have it as a tool in my life. One of the things that I tell people meditation does is it helps us come back to a place of balance and peace. Particularly for women, and I am a mom of two young kids and feel frenzied and harrowed and rushed many of the time, taking something like meditation, taking the time for meditation in your life helps you connect back to who you really are.

It gives you a sense of peace and balance and silence and we yearn for silence and it’s a simple technique that really helps you get some silence to renew and find energy again to go on with your life.

So for different people meditation serves different purposes, but one of the key things to remember about meditation is that it should be simple and it should be easy. We shouldn’t be afraid that we have to make a commitment of 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon, which is often what people recommend, but really being able to use meditation as a tool to help us whenever we need it. That maybe five minutes sneaking it in before your kids come home from school or it may be taking an hour at a time when we are going through an illness or a stressful time in our life to really take that precious time.

So I firmly believe that meditation is something that can help us when we need help, but it can also on a long-term basis, regular meditation can provide us stability and balance so that we really have a place of centeredness and peace to take us through our daily lives.

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