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After Bariatric Surgery, Why Do Some Patients Still Gain Weight? - Dr. Dahiya (VIDEO)

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After Bariatric Surgery, Why Do Some Patients Still Gain Weight? - Dr. Dahiya (VIDEO)
After Bariatric Surgery, Why Do Some Patients Still Gain Weight? - Dr. ...
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Dr. Dahiya introduces himself and explains why some people will continue to gain weight after having bariatric surgery.

Dr. Dahiya:
I am Dr. Dahiya. I am originally from India. My culture is kind of mixed–both countries. My education is also undergraduate from India; residencies, fellowships, and all the rest of the training is in this country. All the migrations have been from general surgery to laparoscopic to then laparoscopic evolved into bariatric. I have, from year 2000 onward, pretty excellent as far as the track record and number of cases, which are about 1,500 or so.

The outcomes have been, the ones that have been keeping me in this business. I have fabulous outcomes; patients come and tell. I do bariatric. I do revision of the bariatrics. If you do have the issue and if you do consider a procedure, whichever the procedure might be, I would love for you to come, discuss; there are no obligations. If it feels like that, you know, after talking to me or my patients or my coordinator, if it looks like that I can provide the services that you are looking for, then we are a good fit for each other.

We sort of have realized that, one, that there’s no single magic procedure we have. So it’s actually a combination of things. We know that the procedure might also fail them, but at the same time, the patients also being the human beings, you know, we are going to somewhere cut corner here, cut corner there on the diet and exercise and so forth. So the reasons are multiple; either that you have enlarged the pouch or maybe the pouch was made larger to begin with.

Some of us also even believe that the opening from the pouch into the bowel also has something to do if that’s stretched out. And also maybe even other rules have been broken. For example, the procedure works if you eat solid for your calories and not liquids. So, for example, if you are a smoothy person or an ice cream person, those are also going to cause the failure. So those are the common reasons for the failure.

About Dr. Dahiya, M.D.:
Leading a multi-disciplinary team of experts at Doctor Bariatric is board-certified Shyam L. Dahiya, M.D. who brings more than 20 years of experience in general and trauma surgery. As a general and laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Dahiya has performed numerous innovative bariatric surgeries including the Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery.

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