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Single Incision Bariatric Procedure, What Is This? - Dr. Dahiya (VIDEO)

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Single Incision Bariatric Procedure, What Is This? - Dr. Dahiya (VIDEO)
Single Incision Bariatric Procedure, What Is This? - Dr. Dahiya (VIDEO)
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Dr. Dahiya describes the single incision bariatric procedure.

Dr. Dahiya:
Single incision is an evolution of our laparoscopic procedure where we used to do multiple incisions, and we are putting instrument from different directions. With experience, we have gotten to a point that we can make one little single cut that’s going to be slightly larger than the single one. But when you combine five or six little cuts, this one is much smaller than that, and we also give it in the belly button where the incisions hide very well.

We are able to put instrument all from one cut, and it applies mostly to LAP-BAND® procedure. So, cosmetically, rather than having tic-tac-toe at about four or five little cuts, now you got one cut that’s hiding in the belly button nicely. So, it’s cosmesis and a pain issue because every single cut has its own pain. So we are decreasing the pain, and cosmetically, it’s great.

About Dr. Dahiya, M.D.:
Leading a multi-disciplinary team of experts at Doctor Bariatric is board-certified Shyam L. Dahiya, M.D. who brings more than 20 years of experience in general and trauma surgery. As a general and laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Dahiya has performed numerous innovative bariatric surgeries including the Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery.

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