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Bariatric Surgeries, Which Ones Do You Perform? - Dr. Dayhiya (VIDEO)

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Bariatric Surgeries, Which Ones Do You Perform? - Dr. Dayhiya (VIDEO)
Bariatric Surgeries, Which Ones Do You Perform? - Dr. Dayhiya (VIDEO)
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Dr. Dahiya discusses the bariatric procedures he performs and how many bariatric revision surgeries he has implemented.

Dr. Dahiya:
I pretty much performe all full spectrum, except for what we call the bowel diversions. That’s the only one I don’t do. Otherwise I do sleeve, I do bypass, I do band, and then I do redo with or without incisions–both. So I do just about all of them except for what we call the BPDs–biliopancreatic diversion which is almost an outdated procedure.

The hardest one to revise is LAP-BAND® because of the way it causes the scarring, but they all can be revised. Difficulty varies depending on who did it and what way. There are subtle differences between us, but they pretty much all can be revised.

I have been doing revision for about one and a half to two years. Before that, it was kind of, you know, if you came to a doctor, they will say, “Well, you know, you probably killed the procedure so there’s no other option.” It’s the laparoscopic method that brings it, and I probably do approximately two in a month so that makes about 20 to 30 a year, which for a single practice that’s quite a bit, and the numbers are increasing because people are becoming aware that there are options. It’s not a lost battle.

About Dr. Dahiya, M.D.:
Leading a multi-disciplinary team of experts at Doctor Bariatric is board-certified Shyam L. Dahiya, M.D. who brings more than 20 years of experience in general and trauma surgery. As a general and laparoscopic surgeon, Dr. Dahiya has performed numerous innovative bariatric surgeries including the Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery.

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