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Can anyone help!!! Old ankle injury 10 years on

By July 10, 2016 - 7:12pm
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Hi I'm 19 year old female and would like some advice back in 2006/2007 not sure when I fractured my right ankle in three places, had a cast on for 4 week and was all fine. Injury was due to being in school and getting hit with a hockey stick whilst partaking in PE.

I then proceeded to have physiotherapy to help strengthen my ankle where she proceeded to make a comment that I was walking with my ankle out to the side so she stuck tape on it to keep it straight and then referred me to somebody else.

I had it manipulated because of the way it was positioned and lack of movement to try and make it more flexible, I then around 2008 was still having issues where they done a scan and put me in a boot for 6-8 weeks and then told me after that time that I was just a bad sprain and have me a splint to use that was useless.

But since the it is constantly got the same swelling every day, I have movement but is limited and can only be moved when pushed by someone else, pins and needles.

I have quite bad pain and aches most likely every week and it shoots pains up my leg, really bad balance where I constantly fall or go unbalanced at the simple thing of putting a sock on or Shoe and walking in a straight line I'm sick of saying I'm sorry because I accidentally bumped into Someone because of my balance.

It then makes me limp and it still angles out to the side and that's the way I walk and always have since I suffered this injury which was almost 11 or 10 years ago.

I am going to make an appointment at the doctors this week, but scared as because of my age they just always pass you off and say it's fine it will go, I can already rule out arthritis because I had that tested because my toes and fingers are crooked, I want it seen too, as I would like something done or seen too as I want to be a paramedic and am scared of this stopping me because of pain of being on feet for an amount of time, as you can't be unreliable in that job, I only have one more year left at college and then university for two years.

Has anyone suffered from anything similar or has any suggestions as I loved playing football and still do but it always buckles, swells and causes pain so I can't play and I would love to become more active.

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Hi Multikatie!

Thanks for your question and for reaching out to EmpowHER!

It sounds that despite medical treatment and aftercare, you have not healed properly in the past 10 years.

When you make an appointment, make sure you see a orthopedic specialist rather than a general doctor. Swelling and buckling sound like pretty serious side effects of a very old injury and you need a proper evaluation.

We have a very busy thread about ankle/foot injuries that you might want to take a look at - you can read it here: http://www.empowher.com/community/share/ankle-fusion-i-know-i%E2%80%99m-not-alone

For now, there isn't much you can do until you have had a full evaluation by a specialist. Please keep us posted as to how it goes.


July 11, 2016 - 4:38am
(reply to Susan Cody)

Thank you for your feedback, the only downside of going the doctors is the fact it's nhs and they do what they want, I do have private health insurance that should cover it because I have never been to the doctors regarding it before, the only reason I haven't gone is because when your young you don't think about it, you get on with life as you think we'll I've had this and that done so it's fixed even with continued problems, I hope they can sort it as the pain makes the aching spreads the pain up to my knee it's awful, hope they can suggest or sort it out as my life has become equipted to just getting on as I have enough health issues going on as it is, but maintaining my future career goal in the best condition is critical as its all I've ever wanted to do as a profession.


July 11, 2016 - 4:50am
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