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Can Chinese Medicine Improve Fertility? - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)

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Can Chinese Medicine Improve Fertility? - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)
Can Chinese Medicine Improve Fertility? - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)
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Dr. Daoshing Ni introduces himself and explains if fertility can be improved using Chinese medicine.

Dr. Dao:
I am Dr. Daoshing Ni, and I practice in Santa Monica in the state of California, and I have been in practice for about 20 or 23, oh my god, since 1983, so it’s got to be 25 years now. So it’s been a while and my clinic, it’s "Tao of Wellness" and you can find information on the web, and it’s www.taoofwellness.com.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a very powerful and natural medicine, and it's used for about 4000 years in the treatment of many, many different women’s health conditions, including infertility situation.

As you know, infertility has many different types of conditions ranging from ovulatory issues all the way down to endometrial lining issues. So Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutritional therapy, Qigong meditation, with a combination of different modalities and traditional Chinese medicine.

These treatment modalities can be used a lot in helping someone to ovulate better, helping somebody to have a better endometrial lining, helping somebody to have a better circulation to the pelvic region, overall, improving their endocrine function.

So it’s a wonderful technique, a wonderful medicine that is quite powerful in helping the woman to get pregnant naturally.

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