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How Do You Treat Endometriosis With Chinese Medicine? - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)

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How Do You Treat Endometriosis With Chinese Medicine? - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)
How Do You Treat Endometriosis With Chinese Medicine? - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)
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Dr. Dao defines endometriosis and explains how he uses Traditional Chinese Medicine to help his patients.

Dr. Dao:
Endometriosis is, can be a very serious condition, and it’s a very painful condition. The major symptoms of endometriosis is pain and discomfort and bleeding problems. Basically, it's a condition where that every month, as you know, when a woman gets her period, her uterus builds up with thick linings and this thick lining sheds every month.

But what happens is that some of these cells, some of these linings for whatever reason, got implanted outside of the uterus somewhere; it could be right on the uterus itself, on the outside, could be on the ovaries, could be on the back of the uterus and many different areas, it could be many different areas.

What happens is that when a woman gets a period, so when you’re bleeding, these implants that's outside of the uterus, are also bleeding at the same time because they’re going through a hormonal cycle, just like these guys inside the uterus. With that bleeding, it’s a mess.

It's a total mess. It creates inflammatory activities, it cause your body to just in so much pain and discomfort in a lot of different areas in your pelvis, so you get a lot of bloating, you get a lot of pains, it doesn’t even have to be just pain during menstruation time; there can be pain to your ovulation time, there can be pelvic pain all the time.

So it’s a pretty, when it gets severe, it’s a pretty, a very discomforting and very much of a life quality decreasing type of disease. I am one of the physicians and doctors on the Professional Advisory Panel for the Endometriosis Association of America, and we deal with a lot of education. and education and dissemination for the patients.

Chinese medicine is extremely helpful in reducing a lot of these inflammatory activities, and they help woman to be able to live a comfortable life and then also be able to manage it so that their fertility can be not so severely reduced because endometriosis can reduce fertility.

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