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Traditional Chinese Fertility Medicine vs. Western Fertility Medicine - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)

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Traditional Chinese Fertility Medicine vs. Western  Fertility Medicine - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)
Traditional Chinese Fertility Medicine vs. Western Fertility Medicine - Dr. ...
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Dr. Dao shares when Traditional Chinese Medicine is more beneficial than western medicine in treating fertility.

Dr. Dao:
I think Western medicine can be extremely effective and very helpful. I believe in complementary medicine model. I believe that both East and West has a lot to learn from each other, and I also believe that both medicine has wonderful, wonderful therapeutic values and then they can be used in different scenario and at the same time they can be complementarily used together to enhance and to strengthen the treatment effectiveness.

Say for example, you have a situation where your tubes are blocked; then you can't get the egg from the ovary down to your uterus. Those are kind of situation where especially in severe situations, Chinese medicine just can't do it alone, you can’t open the tube in that situation; therefore, an IVF needs to be done. In those situations, you should definitely do IVF.

Then there are also situations where that a woman come to me and they are a little bit older, they are in their late 30s and early 40s or even mid 40s; those are times whereby your success rate for pregnancy is quite low, is not a high.

This is where a combination of utilizing Chinese medicine as well as Western medicine, ART, can be really beneficial when you do it side-by-side together. So I believe firmly that there are situations where you should use both together.

Then there are situations where Chinese medicine can be extremely helpful to build one’s foundation. I have a lot of patients who are not good, shall we call them, not good egg responders; they have done IVF insemination, they don’t stimulate that many eggs or their quality is not so great.

So they will come to my clinic and we would really assess their condition in trying figure out a treatment protocol, helping them to strengthen them, kind of like building a house; you’re building the foundation first, you don’t build a house first, you dig down and you build the foundation.

It’s the same kind of analogy, you’re trying to build a body, you’re trying to get the body healthier, you’re trying to help that woman with their lifestyle so they are less stressed out, so they will feel much healthier before they start trying again.

And then there are situations where that the women are quite young, they are not that old yet, in a sense of their fertility potential. So we would do some natural therapy first for a few months, and then if they don’t get pregnant after a certain amount of time, then we would also include the ART into the mix.

So these are some of the situations. I work a lot with a lot of OBGYNs as well as reproductive endocrinologists, and they are wonderful team in my practice in helping my patients pregnant.

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