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What Can You Do For A Woman Who Has Been Told She Is Infertile? - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)

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What Can  You Do For A Woman Who Has Been Told She Is Infertile? - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)
What Can You Do For A Woman Who Has Been Told She Is Infertile? - Dr. ...
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Dr. Dao discusses how he can help women that have been told by doctors they are infertile.

Dr. Dao:
What we do is, I meet with patients with our first visit. Within our first visit, I do a preliminary workup, a fertility workup basically looking at the issues that they might have. Some of them already have done pretty extensive workup. They have done pelvic exam, ultrasound, they have done hysteroscopy, they have done hysterosalpingogram in assessing all different areas of their pelvic cavity as well as their fertility potentials.

In those situations, I would move forward and do a Chinese medicine workup, take a look at their tongue, feel their pulse, evaluate and look at their cycle and their medical history, their family history, their childhood history, as well as other medical history that might impact their fertility.

And with that workup, I come up with a plan. I come up with plan of what we need to do next. There may be situation where that the patient, she needs to do more workup, maybe she need to do a hysterosalpingogram to see if her tubes are pinned, or as we call "open," maybe she needs to do an ultrasound to check if her uterus is in a good shape, good form, and not diseased or having tumors.

So these are some of the different workup that I might prescribe for the patients to do. Sometimes I may refer them back to their OBGYN and, or even in a situation where I see if a patient needs ART, basically assistive reproductive technology such as inseminations and IVF, I might go ahead and just refer them to a reproductive endocrinologist.

But overall, with this workup, I would devise a plan and go ahead and figure out what we need to do and to achieve a certain treatment objective. What that means is that when we evaluate patients a little different in Western medicine, a lot of times when a patient comes in, they might have different situation, different problems with their condition.

For example, they might have situation where ovulation is an issue, the tubes is an issue or the uterus is an issue, and a lot of times you have a large percentage of patients that come to us; I have been told they are unexplained or may just be simply age-related.

When we do our intake, we are able to actually see subtleties; we are able to see imbalances, for example, things like do they spot before their period. If you spot one day, not an issue, but if you start to spot two or three days, that might be an issue of endometrian strength and that might be an issue of progesterone secretions, we need to evaluate that.

There maybe a situation where their flow is very clotty, a lot of clots, a lot of tissues, and that might be an issue of maybe they have fibroids, there might be an issue maybe they have adenomyosis, which is a condition of endometriosis growing in their uterine myometrium, basically in the muscle part of their uterus.

So these are some of the things that we will evaluate and we will pick up subtlety; we will pick up subtle situations and symptoms where we would say okay, we are going to get your cramps better, we are going to see if we can decrease the clotting, we are going to see that you have better vaginal lubrication during sexually activity, a better libido, we would like to see that you have less PMS, actually we would like to see you have more PMS.

We like to see you have more breast tenderness because you had it when you were younger, and when you’re getting older now you have less of it, that seems like your hormones are doing that, and we need to improve that.

So with that in mind, we look at all the subtleties and we create and take a look at the target, take a look at treatment goals that we want to set, and we do this together with the patient in partnership, and we educate them at the same time about their body. And with that we would go ahead and render acupuncture treatment, we would do herbal therapy, give them some nutritional guidance, take a look at lifestyle modifications, helping them all overcoming other issues in their life to have them prepare their body to become pregnant.

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