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Infertility And Herbal Therapy - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)

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Infertility And Herbal Therapy  - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)
Infertility And Herbal Therapy - Dr. Daoshing Ni (VIDEO)
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Dr. Dao talks about the ways herbs increase a woman's fertility.

Dr. Dao:
Herbs can be a very good adjunctive and very good therapy in helping a woman’s fertility. There are about 5700 different herbs in the Chinese medicine repertoire, and I would say the herbs as used in the fertility situations, there maybe somewhere around 50 to 100 herbs that is used in a fertility situation, depends on which condition.

Herbs are basically selected and prescribed in a multiple individual herb format, basically saying that, is that you don’t really use just one herb, you use a multitude of different herbs combined in a formula, and you make into a tea, or you make into a powder, or you take in a pill form, and it’s used for different things.

Sometimes you are not ovulating very well, so herbs are used to help to strengthen your ovulation function, so help you to ovulate. Sometimes your circulation is not so good in your uterus area, in your pelvic area. Herbs can also help, just like acupuncture, in helping to strengthen the uterine lining.

So herbs are very effective in helping endocrine function and as well as preparing one to get pregnant.

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