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Fertility: What Advice Do You Give Women Trying To Conceive? - Dr. Dao

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Fertility: What Advice Do You Give Women Trying To Conceive? - Dr. Dao
Fertility: What Advice Do You Give Women Trying To Conceive? - Dr. Dao
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Dr. Dao offers advice to women who are trying to become pregnant.

Dr. Dao:
Frequently when we see people with infertility conditions, their sex drive and their sexuality is being compromised.

And the reason is very simply infertility is very stressful, and that stress really create a problem, a burden on the couple.

So a lot of times the sexuality for both men and women suffers because of this consequence of stress.

So one of the things that I do with patients, and frequently when a patient is trying to get pregnant what they are really trying to do is have sex on the time when they are ovulating so it’s what I call the sex by stick.

Basically they take a stick. They measure when they ovulate and they have sex because the stick tells you to have sex.

That takes all the fun of the sexual activity. So the very first thing that I do with my patients is I ask them to throw out the sticks, okay, because that does not help them to get pregnant – number one.

Number two, that doesn’t really help them with their sexual activity anyway, besides when you have sex by stick most men lose their erections, okay?

The chase is gone, the fun is gone so their sperm, the quality of sperms go way down. It really doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t help.

So what I tell couples is not to always have timed intercourse but rather to have intercourse to have fun, o bring the fun back to their relationship, to be playful again.

So instead of listening to sticks I ask them to listen to their body, okay? Feel when they are more juicy, when their vaginal secretions start to change, when they are increasing, when they are getting wet.

Start to listen to their body in the sense of how they feel – that is helpful. That’s actually more helpful and have them take more frequent vacations and short breaks with their spouse, with their couple – it works really well when you have sex in that sense.

So my goal with these women is number one, get rid of any kind of schedule, and help them to create and recreate the fun that they have and that frequently increases their fertility potential and increases their pregnancy rate.

About Dr. Dao:
Dr. Dao is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the State of California and is a Diplomat of Chinese Herbology NCCA. Dr. Dao has been active in the TCM profession as well as professional organizations. He was an examiner for the California Acupuncture Committee and also participated in the Chinese Herbology Exam development for NCCA. Dr. Dao is well known and respected for his special interest in reproductive and gynecological conditions. Dr. Dao is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Pacific Coast Fertility Society, and American Association of Oriental Medicine.

Visit Dr. Dao at Tao of Wellness

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