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ask: severe foot pain on the bottom of my feet...hurts to stand on them and has lasted for 4 weeks now.

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I awoke one morning and when I got out of bed, it hurt like crazy to stand on my feet. The pain continued very persistently for 3+ weeks... extremely tender in the morning, gradually getting better during the day, and increasing again in evenings. It felt like my foot had collapsed in the middle where the arch is, except I still had an arch there. On the inside of my feet there was slight swelling and slight discoloration . It has now been close to 5 weeks and the pain is getting to be less and less, but not gone completely yet. Accompanying this I also experienced pain and problems in my knees, and in a very unsystematic way, also had problems bending my knees. This would shift though....one day it was one leg and the next the the other leg, then it would subside and it would return..... It was so severe at one point, that just 2 weeks ago, I could barely go up and down stairs. The knee situation seems to have improved now and have not experienced that in the past 6 days now. Any ideas?

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That is true plz help this pain what to do

May 9, 2015 - 6:15pm
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Had a similar experience. Was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. Could not walk on heel without significant pain. Spent years trying insoles and other things but no relief. Ended up going to a specialist and found out that I had some other issues along with my plantar fasciitis. Guys are in Houston. Would recommend highly. You can find them at www.fixfoot.com

I actually ended up having a minor surgery and feel a lot better now.

April 4, 2015 - 11:03pm
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I work at a warehouse and I have plantar factitis and it does not matter what I do my feet hurt walking up to 20 miles per day walking on that hard concrete floor. My feet hurt walking to my car after work but when I get home I can walk around. I just don't think that people with this foot problem can stand working on concrete.

February 20, 2015 - 5:47am
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It's called planter fesiitis. I have it right now and there's nothing I can do about it because I play high school soccer so I am not really allowed to sit out . Plantar fesiitis is tiny tearing of ligaments in the arc of your food caused by over stretching or stream you'd running on hard surfaces. Rest if you can because that's what your supposed to do. If this is what you have DO NOT try and get a massage or anything like that because when I tried that I got a million times worse

January 21, 2015 - 11:30pm
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It could be diabetes. Have you gone to your doctor to check for that? What you are experiencing is one of the signs. I found out I had it from foot pain. I thought it was because I was too big or something.

January 1, 2015 - 7:57pm
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I am a young man 33 and I have found the same problem over the years I slowly became less active and had increased a poor diet of fast food, along with doctors medications, I slowly lost my youth, sleeping all day, and only eating when I awakened, without fruits (high in potassium like bananas which help relieve and "stop" muscle crampings), poor diet in general, I gained an enormous amount of weight, I sat at my computer all day, as an IT professional. Then when lunch break came I had very limited healthy options from surrounding restaurants even grocery stores had only processed foods. My own personal confession, a result of poor dieting and lack of physical exercise, led to extreme foot pain when I finally did start to exercise again, but it was too late. It starts first with a balanced diet, you need to get up and walk more often, exercise, stretch before and after, at least an hour both before and after I recommend, and accept your physical limitations, like not over exerting yourself to gain minor results only to lose them later with more poor dieting and poor exercise. I know people work a lot these days but for your own personal health, stretching the back legs muscles doing toes touches alone can relieve a lot of foot cramping and calf soreness especially if you are on your feet all day, small aerobic movement with your arms, bending at the waist, small movements your coach in school used to teach you are still highly effective as an adult. A high fiber diet will curb your food cravings (beans, boiled potatoes, remove a lot salt and sugar and processed foods)and foods high in potassium like I stated earlier (bananas) will relieve cramps immediately with in 2 to 3 days and I mean while you are on your feet, not eat a banana and then wait, you have to absorb the potassium into your body for it to be effective. At first a healthy diet will make you sick but in time you will feel better and better and you will become healthy in the process. So losing weight, regular diet and exercise, all three things will contribute to better foot health and overall pain relief.

December 26, 2014 - 2:19am
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Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Bottom line, if you must, and cannot let go of your poor diet and lack of or no exercise at all,

eat less, and I mean little to nothing if you must, drink water, and if at all possible eat more high potassium foods, like I said bananas will immediately relieve cramping, boiled broccoli, vegetables in general, no salt or butter, and "SMALL" portions, overtime you will gain the tolerance of fasting and you will definitely lose weight and the food will taste better, stop smoking as well if you have that habit

sleeping all day after school or work from exhaustion will cause overall body cramps, poor posture, numb you legs, and pinch nerves in your lower back contributing to poor posture and other leg muscle cramps as your body will compensate by stressing other parts of your legs,

so again bottom line, eat less, eat healthy small portions, make sure you add potassium naturally from foods (ie banana), stretch, stop smoking,

losing weight so you can stretch is a goal in itself, your goal is to be efficient at work bending, stooping, reaching, all these activities you should be able to do if you eat right, stretch your muscles, tendons, and ligaments correctly,

and if you have a job that is not physically demanding, take the time to occasionally stand up and stretch, walk around the office space to the water fountain if you can, if sleeping directly after you come home from work is a habit, try cutting that time down when you awaken and then stretch and exercise, this will definitely increase your energy output overtime and overall health,

within time you will increase your exercise and strength output and can gradually move on to weights and possibly an extracurricular activity like sports

December 26, 2014 - 3:07am
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Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

You should never EVER go without eating. When you skip meals, your body is basically saying "okay, maybe next time I'll stock up on all the calories from the next meal." You actually gain weight by skipping meals because your body stores as much as it can from all the meals you do eat to prepare for when you skip a meal.

April 7, 2015 - 4:43pm
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Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

sitting for prolonged periods cuts off blood circulation to your legs as well so keep that in mind, especially if you have visceral fat along your lower body,

numbing the legs for prolonged periods causes poor blood circulation which can further cause feet pain as you stand, you can seriously injure your ankles from lack of muscle coordination as you try to stand while you wait for the blood to re circulate through your leg muscles, ankles, and feet.

December 26, 2014 - 3:16am
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Hey ive been reading some of the comments and ive been suffering with this for up to 4 years now started on my left foot but gradually eased over this year its came back but onto both feet im struggling to walk anywhere never mind work its taking me 20mins to walk home instead of 5 minutes its absolutly painful id love to know how to get rid of it

December 13, 2014 - 10:42am
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